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KIT Conversion

Race Kit conversion converts your ECU into a race kit unit completely open and adjustable by the user. All oem restrictions will be erased, engine power will be increased, and race function like quick-shifter, traction control, engine brake and others will become active. The ECU can be fine adjusted on a dyno to get the maximum power.

OEM ECU Flashing

OEM ECUs can be flashed to replace the internal map with a better one developed on dyno.

Flashing service is available only for those models which has not race kit ecu available

Mapping Softwares and USB cables

With mapping softwares you can manage all available parameters of your genuine or converted race kit ecu like ignition and injection maps, engine brake, traction control, rev limiter, and so on.

*Functions and parameters depends on models, check it on:

Models list


IFiTeC Quick-Shifter
IFiTeC quick-shifter is based on a top-quality inductive sensor with a very high sensibility and precision. Completely built in CNC alloy and inox steel, it allow perfect up-shifting.

It has been developed specifically for 600 and 1000 models to enhance sensibility without loosing precision for the best care of the gear box.

12v power supplyed. It requieres race kit ecu or additional ecu.

All spare parts and repairing service available in case af damages for crashes

Auto-BLIPPER quick-shifter for R1 and R6

The IFiTeC Auto-BLIPPER system allows the perfect clutchless auto-shifting both for up- and down shift for R1 2007-08, R1 2015-16 and R6 2006-16.

 It requires:

  • YEC ECU upgrade to add the blipper function (adjustable)
  • Ifitec strain gauge shifter specifically develped to work for the auto-blipper function





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