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ABS emulator for R1 2015-16
Allows the complete removal of the ABS module
Conversion kit for HP4 ecu on S1000rr 2009-11
The kit allows the installation of a calibration 2 ecu on a 2009-11 bike. Engine brake, launch control and adjustable DTC by the handlebar

for Clutchless Up- and Down-Shift

R1 2015-16, R1 2007-08, 09-14 and R6 2006-16 

Team Cardoso Stratos, A. Medina winner in the RFME CEV
The blipper function is carryed over by the upgraded ecu which opens the throttle according to internal maps and allow complete clutchless downshift
The BLIPPER function available for  

 R1 2015-16

The Auto-Blipper allows both clutchless up- and down-shift.

The kit includes the race kit ecu upgrade and a top quality cell-load shifter directly connected to the ecu and working in both ways for auto up- and down-shifting

 IFiTeC Inductive Shifter
Zx6r Orelac Racing Team with Ifitec shifter. WSS World SuperSport Championship
Ifitec shifter, first choice of the best Spanish FIM CEV teams*

*Team Palmeto Kawasaki Racing and team LaGlisse

IFiTeC Inductive Shifter arrives to Qatar with the QMMF team

News for Yamaha ECUs! Swapping wires is no longer needed! Converted ecu are just plug&play! Ask for details
Enhanced software to improove HRC ecu management
Up to +5º of ignition advance
Adjustable and improoved Rev. Limiter: up to 16700rpm for the 600cc and up to 16000rpm for the 1000.
Adjustable oem electronic steering dumper for both 600 and 1000
Enhanced software to improove YEC ecu managment
Up to +10º for ignition advance
Up to +40% for injection 
Enhanced Rev. Limiter  with +1000rpm more than YEC (2000rpm more than OEM stock ecu)
Enhanced software to improove EmPro ecu managment
Enhanced Rev. Limiter  depending by models
Enhanced ingnition and injections limits

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